Club Sports

新大发体育官网club sports at gustavus adolphus college are student organizations that are student-initiated and student-led. club sports are governed by the gustavus athletic department and the campus activities office and shall abide by the guidelines set forth by both offices. to be considered a club sport and receive student senate funding the organization must play their games against other college or university teams who are recognized as a club team by their institution. organizations that do not play against other college or university club teams will be considered as a student organization and will be categorized and funded as such. club sports are funded through the student senate and their own fundraising activities. practices and games are determined by club officers. club sports may or may not require a full year commitment and are not part of the ncaa or minnesota intercollegiate athletic conference (miac).

Sport Contact Phone E-mail
Men's Nordic Skiing Jed Friedrich 507.933.7632
Women's Nordic Skiing Jed Friedrich 507.933.7632
Men's Rugby

anton fuchs

新大发体育官网matt mientkiewicz

新大发体育官网joe robbins

Women's Rugby

新大发体育官网tory makela

anna johnson

kristen white

Men's Lacrosse

brandon labe

新大发体育官网jake westfield

新大发体育官网tyler bruder

Women's Lacrosse

rachel spiering

hannah childs

Men's Ultimate Frisbee

john pavek

torin anderson

Women's Ultimate Frisbee

mikhaela anderson

anna menne

marisa paule

Dance Team

krista ripperton

jenna ripperton

emily warner

maddie renneke

Equestrian Team Jared Phillips 507.933.8493
Tennis Bjorn Bade
Alpine Skiing

adam peine

alec donnelly

新大发体育官网leanna neilsen

Men's Volleyball Jared Phillips 507.933.8493