International Students


Applicants who do not hold a United States Passport or have United States Permanent Residence status, are recognized as International Students. Joy Reese works with all international students as well as United States passport holders who live outside of the U.S. Upon arrival to the Gustavus campus, students can look forward to working with the International Student Services Coordinator, Jeff Anderson.

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Frequently Asked Questions for International Students

Question: Can I submit the ISFAA form in place of the CSS Profile?
Answer: Yes. While we prefer the CSS Profile for its comprehensive nature, we will accept the ISFAA form in its place.
Question: Are TOEFL/IELTS scores required?
Answer: TOEFL/IELTS scores are required for admission unless English has been the medium of instruction in your high school. If you are not able to take either test, you may contact Joy Reese at to set up a phone interview or Skype to determine English proficiency.
Question: Can I submit my test scores to Gustavus directly?
Answer: Yes. You may email me copies of your test scores for faster delivery, if you prefer.
Question: What are certified financials and are they required for admission?
Answer: Certified financials are not required for immediate admission, but are strongly encouraged at the time you complete your admission application. They help us to get the best overall view of your financial situation and assist in supplementing the information in your CSS Profile or ISFAA form. You will need to submit them eventually as part of the visa paperwork process. Certified financials can include bank statements, parent salary verification, or sponsorship verification from an outside source.
Question: If I am a DACA student or U.S. citizen living abroad, am I considered an international student?
Answer: Both DACA and U.S. citizens abroad are not considered international students and should complete the domestic application for admission.


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